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Student Spotlight

When I qualify in 2010 I hope to go on to do a part-time MSc. in Accountancy and Finance as my CIMA studies have really aroused my interest in certain areas which I would like to research in more depth.

Angela Thomas

Job role: Cost Accountant, Eden Industries, Wales

Level of CIMA studies: Strategic

Why I took CIMA:
Shortly after joining Eden I was offered a training package. CIMA was recommended and it seemed a well-rounded qualification which looked at the wider aspects of accountancy rather than concentrating on the technicalities.

Why I use
Working full-time and studying for the CIMA qualification means that effective time management is vital. I first purchased last October when I started revising for my Managerial level exams. I particularly like the direct links to further reading material which is absolutely key to getting a good pass. There are plenty of practise questions and direct links to past exam questions and answers. Having direct links like these saves a lot of time when you are under pressure, and it means I can be flexible and access study materials wherever I am and at any time. For example I will often do some reading during my lunch break at work. I purchased for my current level of studies as soon as it was available as I have no doubt it will be of benefit.

I have entered for the TOPCIMA exam in November, but only expect to pass it at next May’s sitting. I have celebrated my 60th birthday and believe me if I have got this far so can anyone.

Maura Wheeler

Job role: Financial Manager in a small company located in Botswana, Southern Africa.

Level of CIMA studies: Strategic Level (Passed)

Why I took CIMA:
I completed my primary degree in 1971. I had always relied heavily on my memory. In my mid 50’s I found I was starting to forget and so I decided to start studying to keep my brain active. I had always wanted to obtain a professional qualification in accountancy so at age 55 seemed as good a time as any to start my CIMA studies.

Why I use
Since I live nearly 500km from the nearest tuition provider it is not an option for me to attend any form of a tuition course. During the managerial stage I used the CIMA study books. At the strategic level I started failing examinations with a sickening frequency. It took me lots of exam failures to work out it was my approach that was incorrect and not my knowledge of the subject, particularly with P6. I then received an e-mail advising me of a new on-line service, which I immediately investigated. CIMAstudy was able to assist me with the correct approach to adapt to each topic as each module commenced with the learning outcome to be achieved. I also had no difficulty in downloading the study material with my narrow broadband connection.

When I finish CIMA I’m going to find more time for my hobby – music recording and production

Oliver Gearing

Job role: Financial Analyst, Town & City Pub Company, UK.

Level of CIMA studies: I’m just about to sit P2, P5 and P8 (Nov 09).

Why I took CIMA:
CIMA is the accounting qualification that best suited my career plans. I love how much business focus there is in the syllabus and have implemented much of my learning to date in my current role!

Why I use
I first heard about from an advert on I prefer to structure my own learning – so I really didn’t want to go and sit in a lecture hall in my time off! CIMAstudy is great as you can carry an entire syllabus with you wherever you are. I found the audio and video clips throughout the course to be invaluable for my understanding of some of the more complex subjects – and the integrated assessments really pushed home the message. CIMAstudy helped me achieve 83% in P1 and 83% in P7!



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